William D. Evans, Richard C. Brizendine, and Gregory S. Silver have been practicing law in the City of Long Beach collectively for almost 90 years. The firm continues to enjoy a "Preeminent" rating among its peers as one of Long Beach's best-rated law firms. While the firm has represented clients throughout the United States and Canada, the firm's real strength lies in the long-term relationships forged with City leaders, judges, former judges, prosecutors, and the so-called "movers and shakers" in the City of Long Beach. Evans, Brizendine & Silver is a local firm with the knowledge to get the job done at a reasonable cost to its clients. The purpose of this website is to provide a general overview of the partners of Evans, Brizendine & Silver and their respective fields of practice.

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Our Philosophy

The partners of Evans, Brizendine & Silver are residents of Long Beach and are devoted to helping its citizens and businesses meet their legal challenges. Aggressive litigators willing to fight any legal battle in any court in California, they also handle a wide array of transactional matters facing clients. From real estate issues to commercial matters, you will receive advice and counsel to ensure your transactional needs are met. You can trust the firm to remove the burden of your case, so you can concentrate on the issues important to your life.

Evans, Brizendine & Silver is a well-respected and successful law firm. The firm's reputation and proven track record are indicative of its commitment to excellence in Long Beach and across Southern California.

About Our Attorneys